Volume 192

A positive characterization of rational maps

Pages 1-46 by Dylan P. Thurston | From volume 192-1

The Polynomial Carleson operator

Pages 47-163 by Victor Lie | From volume 192-1

Poincaré polynomials of character varieties, Macdonald polynomials and affine Springer fibers

Pages 165-228 by Anton Mellit | From volume 192-1

Green functions and Glauberman degree-divisibility

Pages 229-249 by Meinolf Geck | From volume 192-1

On the Duffin-Schaeffer conjecture

Pages 251-307 by Dimitris Koukoulopoulos, James Maynard | From volume 192-1

Subalgebras of simple AF-algebras

Pages 309-352 by Christopher Schafhauser | From volume 192-2

Uniqueness of two-convex closed ancient solutions to the mean curvature flow

Pages 353-436 by Sigurd Angenent, Panagiota Daskalopoulos, Natasa Sesum | From volume 192-2

The Weyl bound for Dirichlet $L$-functions of cube-free conductor

Pages 437-486 by Ian Petrow, Matthew P. Young | From volume 192-2

Enumerating number fields

Pages 487-497 by Jean-Marc Couveignes | From volume 192-2

Viscosity solutions and hyperbolic motions: a new PDE method for the $N$-body problem

Pages 499-550 by Ezequiel Maderna, Andrea Venturelli | From volume 192-2

A sharp square function estimate for the cone in $\mathbb {R}^3$

Pages 551-581 by Larry Guth, Hong Wang, Ruixiang Zhang | From volume 192-2

Unitriangular shape of decomposition matrices of unipotent blocks

Pages 583-663 by Olivier Brunat, Olivier Dudas, Jay Taylor | From volume 192-2

Rademacher type and Enflo type coincide

Pages 665-678 by Paata Ivanisvili, Ramon van Handel, Alexander Volberg | From volume 192-2