Volume 180, Issue 3, November 2014

Galois orbits and equidistribution of special subvarieties: towards the André-Oort conjecture

Pages 823-865 by Emmanuel Ullmo, Andrei Yafaev

The André-Oort conjecture

Pages 867-925 by Bruno Klingler, Andrei Yafaev

The geometry of the moduli space of odd spin curves

Pages 927-970 by Gavril Farkas, Alessandro Verra

Fourier transform and the global Gan–Gross–Prasad conjecture for unitary groups

Pages 971-1049 by Wei Zhang

Spherical Hecke algebras for Kac-Moody groups over local fields

Pages 1051-1087 by Stéphane Gaussent, Guy Rousseau

The Hodge theory of Soergel bimodules

Pages 1089-1136 by Ben Elias, Geordie Williamson

Most odd degree hyperelliptic curves have only one rational point

Pages 1137-1166 by Bjorn Poonen, Michael Stoll

On the boundedness of Bernoulli processes

Pages 1167-1203 by Witold Bednorz, Rafał Latała

Small scale creation for solutions of the incompressible two-dimensional Euler equation

Pages 1205-1220 by Alexander Kiselev, Vladimir Šverák

A Note from Reiko Miyaoka

Pages 1221- by Reiko Miyaoka