Volume 135

Train tracks and automorphisms of free groups

Pages 1-51 by Mladen Bestvina, Michael Handel | From volume 135-1

Infinite integral extensions and big Cohen–Macaulay algebras

Pages 53-89 by Melvin Hochster, Craig Huneke | From volume 135-1

The Schur index of proective characters of symmetric and alternating groups

Pages 91-124 by Alexandre Turull | From volume 135-1

$M$-sets and measures

Pages 125-130 by Robert Kaufman | From volume 135-1

Large improvements in Waring’s problem

Pages 131-164 by Trevor D. Wooley | From volume 135-1

Archimedean superrigidity and hyperbolic geometry

Pages 165-182 by Kevin Corlette | From volume 135-1

Homotopy classification of self-maps of $BG$ via $G$-actions. Part I

Pages 183-226 by Stefan Jackowski, James McClure, Bob Oliver | From volume 135-1

Homotopy classification of self-maps of $BG$ via $G$-actions. Part II

Pages 227-270 by Jackowski, James McClure, Bob Oliver | From volume 135-2

Hermitian modules in Galois extensions of number fields and Adams operations

Pages 271-296 by Boas Erez, Martin J. Taylor | From volume 135-2

Extending morphisms of groups and graphs

Pages 297-323 by Michael Aschbacher, Yoav Segev | From volume 135-2

Algebraic $\mathbf{K}$-theory of number fields and rings of integers and the Stickelberger ideal

Pages 325-360 by Grzegorz Banaszak | From volume 135-2

Rigidity for Anosov actions of higher rank lattices

Pages 361-410 by Steven Hurder | From volume 135-2

The existence of noncollision singularities in newtownian systems

Pages 411-468 by Zhihong Xia | From volume 135-3

The embedding problem over a Hilbertian PAC_field

Pages 469-481 by Michael D. Fried, Helmut Volklein | From volume 135-3

On the calculation of local terms in the Lefschetz–Verdier trace formula and its application to a conjecture of Deligne

Pages 483-525 by Richard Pink | From volume 135-3

Fiber polytopes

Pages 527-549 by Louis J. Billera, Bernd Sturmfels | From volume 135-3

Counterexamples to analytic hypoellipticity for domains of finite type

Pages 551-566 by Michael Christ, Daryl Geller | From volume 135-3

Zero divisors of atomic functions

Pages 567-600 by F. Reese Harvey, Stephen W. Semmes | From volume 135-3

A sharp bound for the ratio of the first two eigenvalues of Dirichlet Laplacians and extensions

Pages 601-628 by Mark S. Ashbaugh, Rafael D. Benguria | From volume 135-3