Volume 130

Harmonic, Gibbs and Hausdorff measures on repellers for holomorphic maps, I

Pages 1-40 by Feliks Przytycki, Mariusz Urbański, Anna Zdunik | From volume 130-1

Essential laminations in 3-manifolds

Pages 41-73 by David Gabai, Ulrich Oertel | From volume 130-1

Endomorphisms of $C^\ast$-algebras, cross products, and duality for compact groups

Pages 75-119 by Sergio Doplicher, John E. Roberts | From volume 130-1

Families of plane curves and their limits: Enriques’ conjecture and beyond

Pages 121-157 by Ziv Ran | From volume 130-1

On the Chow ring of a geometric quotient

Pages 159-187 by Geir Ellingsrud, Stein Arild Strømme | From volume 130-1

Interior a priori estimates for solutions of fully non-linear equations

Pages 189-213 by Luis A. Caffarelli | From volume 130-1

Well-quasiordering finite tees with gap-condition. Proof of Harvey Friedman’s conjecture

Pages 215-226 by Igor Křiž | From volume 130-1

On the foliated products of class $C^1$

Pages 227-271 by Takashi Tsuboi | From volume 130-2

Ergodic actions of compact groups on operator algebras: I. General theory

Pages 273-319 by Antony Wassermann | From volume 130-2

On the Cauchy problem for Boltzmann equations: Global existence and weak stability

Pages 321-366 by Ronald J. DiPerna, Pierre-Louis Lions | From volume 130-2

Exponential sums and Newton polyhedra: Cohomology and estimates

Pages 367-406 by Alan Adophson, Steven Sperber | From volume 130-2

On the classification of constant mean curvature tori

Pages 407-451 by Ulrich Pinkall, Ivan Sterling | From volume 130-2

Mean curvature evolution of entire graphs

Pages 453-471 by Klaus Ecker, Gerhard Huisken | From volume 130-3

The trace class conjecture in the theory of automorphic forms

Pages 473-529 by Werner Müller | From volume 130-3

Toeplitz operators on pseudoconvex domains and foliation $C^\ast$-algebras

Pages 531-565 by Norberto Salinas, Albert Sheu, Harald Upmeier | From volume 130-3

A uniqueness proof for the Monster

Pages 567-602 by Robert L. Griess, Jr., Ulrich Meierfrankenfeld, Yoav Segev | From volume 130-3

Minimal hypersurfaces with many isolated singularities

Pages 603-642 by Nathan Smale | From volume 130-3

The classification of the simple modular Lie algebras: I. Determination of the two-sections

Pages 643-677 by Helmut Strade | From volume 130-3