Volume 112, Issue 1 – July 1980

Reflection, removable singularities, and approximation for partial differential equations, Part I

Pages 1-20 by Leon Ehrenpreis

Variétés riemanniennes isospectrales et non isométriques

Pages 21-32 by Marie-France Vignéras

Spectral analysis of selfadjoint matrix polynomials

Pages 33-71 by Israel Gohberg, Peter Lancaster, Leiba Rodman

The complex-analyticity of harmonic maps and the strong rigidity of compact Kähler manifolds

Pages 73-111 by Yum-Tong Siu

The Frobenius morphism on the cohomology of homogeneous vector bundles on $G/B$

Pages 113-121 by Henning Haahr Andersen

First-order conformal invariants

Pages 123-178 by Joseph Becker, C. Ward Henson, Lee A. Rubel

A continuous version of duality of $H^1$ with BMO on the bidisc

Pages 179-201 by Sun-Yung A. Chang, Robert Fefferman

A complete minimal surface in $\mathbf{R}^3$ between two parallel planes

Pages 203-206 by Luquésio Petrola de Melo Jorge, Frederico Xavier

Théorie de Quillen et homologie du groupe orthogonal

Pages 207-257 by Max Karoubi, KaroubiMax