Volume 168 Issue 2 – September 2008

The distribution of integers with a divisor in a given interval

Pages 367-433 by Kevin Ford

Entropy and the localization of eigenfunctions

Pages 435-475 by Nalini Anantharaman

Le lemma fondamental pour les groupes unitaires

Pages 477-573 by Gérard Laumon, Bao-Châu Ngô

Invertibility of random matrices: norm of the inverse

Pages 575-600 by Mark Rudelson

Multi-critical unitary random matrix ensembles and the general Painlevé II equation

Pages 601-641 by Tom Claeys, Arno B. J. Kuijlaars, Maarten Vanlessen

Diffusion and mixing in fluid flow

Pages 643-674 by Peter Constantin, Alexander Kiselev, Lenya Ryzhik, Andrej Zlatoš

A counterexample to the strong version of Freedman’s conjecture

Pages 675-693 by Vyacheslav S. Krushkal