Volume 133

The generalized continuum hypothesis can fail everywhere

Pages 1-35 by Matthew Foreman, W. Hugh | From volume 133-1

The K-property of three billiard balls

Pages 37-72 by András Krámli, Nándor J. Simányi, Domokos Szász | From volume 133-1

The dynamics of the Hénon map

Pages 73-169 by Michael Benedicks, Lennart Carleson | From volume 133-1

Parabolic equations for curves on surfaces: Part II. Intersections, blow-up and generalized solutons

Pages 171-215 by Sigurd Angenent | From volume 133-1

Cusps are dense

Pages 217-247 by Curt McMullen | From volume 133-1

The spectra of nonnegative matrices via symbolic dynamics

Pages 249-316 by Mike Boyle, David Handelman | From volume 133-2

Collapsing and pinching under a lower curvature bound

Pages 317-357 by Takao Yamaguchi | From volume 133-2

Entropy of polynomial and rational maps

Pages 359-368 by Shmuel Friedland | From volume 133-2

A proof of the Kegel-Wielandt conjecture on subnormal subgroups

Pages 369-428 by Peter B. Kleidman | From volume 133-2

Isoparametric foliations and their buildings

Pages 429-446 by Gudlaugur Thorbergsson | From volume 133-2

Mean values of derivatives of modular $L$-series

Pages 447-475 by M. Ram Murty, V. Kumar Murty | From volume 133-3

Approximation in the mean by polynomials

Pages 477-475 by James E. Thomson | From volume 133-3

Siegel’s theorem in the compact case

Pages 509-548 by Paul Vojta | From volume 133-3

Diophantine approximation on abelian varieties

Pages 549-576 by Gerd Faltings | From volume 133-3

The classification of the simple modular Lie algebras: III. Solution of the classical case

Pages 577-604 by Helmut Strade | From volume 133-3

The central critical value of the triple product $L$-function

Pages 605-672 by Michael Harris, Stephen S. Kudla | From volume 133-3