Volume 156 Issue 2 – September 2002

Isoperimetric and isodiametric functions of groups

Pages 345-466 by Mark V. Sapir, Jean-Camille Birget, Eliyahu Rips

Isoperimetric functions of groups and computational complexity of the word problem

Pages 467-518 by Jean-Camille Birget, Alexander Yu. Olshankii, Mark V. Sapir

A uniform estimate

Pages 519-563 by Christoph Thiele

A structure theorem for actions of semisimple Lie groups

Pages 565-594 by Amos Nevo, Robert J. Zimmer

$\overline\partial$-regularity for weakly pseudoconvex domains in compact Hermitian symetric spaces with respect to invariant metrics

Pages 595-621 by Yum-Tong Siu

The solution of the Kato problem for divergence form elliptic operators with Gaussian heat kernel bounds

Pages 623-631 by Steve Hofmann, Michael Lacey, Alan McIntosh

The solution of the Kato square root problem for second order elliptic operators on $\mathbb{R}^n$

Pages 633-654 by Pascal Auscher, Steve Hofmann, Michael Lacey, Alan McIntosh, Philippe Tchamitchian

Convex hypersurfaces of prescribed curvature

Pages 655-673 by Bo Guan, Pengfei Guan

“Positive” noncommutative polynomials are sums of squares

Pages 675-694 by J. William Helton

The direct summand conjecture in dimension three

Pages 695-712 by Raymond C. Heitmann