Volume 195, Issue 2- March 2022

The stable Adams conjecture and higher associative structures on Moore spectra

Pages 375-420 by Prasit Bhattacharya, Nitu Kitchloo

Measures of maximal entropy for surface diffeomorphisms

Pages 421-508 by Jérôme Buzzi, Sylvain Crovisier, Omri Sarig

Rough solutions of the $3$-D compressible Euler equations

Pages 509-654 by Qian Wang

Keel’s base point free theorem and quotients in mixed characteristic

Pages 655-705 by Jakub Witaszek

The Chow $t$-structure on the $\infty $-category of motivic spectra

Pages 707-773 by Tom Bachmann, Hana Jia Kong, Guozhen Wang, Zhouli Xu