Volume 198, Issue 3 – November 2023

Universality for lozenge tiling local statistics

Pages 881-1012 by Amol Aggarwal

Regularity of minimal surfaces near quadratic cones

Pages 1013-1046 by Nick Edelen, Luca Spolaor

Statistical dynamics of a hard sphere gas: fluctuating Boltzmann equation and large deviations

Pages 1047-1201 by Thierry Bodineau, Isabelle Gallagher, Laure Saint-Raymond, Sergio Simonella

Characterizing finitely generated fields by a single field axiom

Pages 1203-1227 by Philip Dittmann, Florian Pop

Schur multipliers in Schatten-von Neumann classes

Pages 1229-1260 by José M. Conde-Alonso, Adrián M. González-Pérez, Javier Parcet, Eduardo Tablate

Wreath-like products of groups and their von Neumann algebras I: $\mathrm{W}^\ast $-superrigidity

Pages 1261-1303 by Ionuţ Chifan, Adrian Ioana, Denis Osin, Bin Sun

Retraction: “Quasi-projectivity of moduli spaces of polarized varieties”

Pages 1305-1305 by Georg Schumacher, Hajime Tsuji