Volume 83, Issue 2, March 1966

On tangential equivalence of manifolds

Pages 211-217 by Morris W. Hirsch

Open and closed disk bundles

Pages 218-230 by William Browder

The co-simple isols

Pages 231-256 by Louise Hay

On regular homotopy in codimension 1

Pages 257-265 by Valentin Poénaru

A note on free differentiable actions of $S^1$ and $S^3$ on homotopy spheres

Pages 266-272 by Wu-chung Hsiang

Derivations of $W^\ast$-algebras

Pages 273-279 by Shôichirô Sakai

Derivations of operator algebras

Pages 280-293 by Richard V. Kadison

Moduli and fibre systems of abelian varieties

Pages 294-338 by Goro Shimura

Deformation of transitive Lie algebras

Pages 339-357 by Dock Sang Rim

The construction of homogeneous convex cones

Pages 358-376 by Oscar S. Rothaus

On the field of definition for a field of automorphic functions. III

Pages 377-385 by Goro Shimura