Volume 91

Reeb foliations

Pages 1-24 by Harold Rosenberg | From volume 91-1

On the characteristic functions of a local ring

Pages 25-87 by Bruce Michael Bennett | From volume 91-1

Algebraization of formal moduli. II. Existence of modifications

Pages 88-135 by Michael Artin | From volume 91-1

On spherical summation of the Fourier transform of a distribution whose partial derivatives are representable integration

Pages 136-143 by Herbert Federer | From volume 91-1

On canonical models of arithmetic quotients of bounded symmetric domains

Pages 144-222 by Goro Shimura | From volume 91-1

Finding a boundary for a 3-manifold

Pages 223-235 by Laurence S. Husch, Thomas M. Price | From volume 91-1

Compounding Clifford’s theory

Pages 236-290 by Everett C. Dade | From volume 91-1

On some games which are relevant to the theory of recursively enumerable sets

Pages 291-310 by Alistair H. Lachlan | From volume 91-2

Curvature and metric

Pages 311-331 by Ravindra Shripad Kulkarni | From volume 91-2

Gauss transforms and zeta-functions

Pages 332-361 by Takashi Ono | From volume 91-2

The $\lambda(\varphi^4)_2$ quantum field theory without cutoffs. II. The field operators and the approximate vacuum

Pages 362-401 by James Glimm, Arthur Jaffe | From volume 91-2

On the oscillations of sums of independent random variables

Pages 402-418 by William Feller | From volume 91-2

Complements of minimal spanning surfaces of knots are not unique

Pages 419-424 by William Robert Alford | From volume 91-2

Concordance, isotopy, and diffeotopy

Pages 425-448 by John F. P. Hudson | From volume 91-3

A classification of closed orientable 3-manifolds of rank two

Pages 449-464 by Harold Rosenberg, Robert Roussarie, Daniel Weil | From volume 91-3

Open embeddings of certain Banach manifolds

Pages 465-485 by James Eells, K. David Elworthy | From volume 91-3

An analogue of the Borel-Weil-Bott theorem for Hermitian symmetric pairs of non-compact type

Pages 486-511 by Mudumbai S. Narasimhan, Kiyosato Okamoto | From volume 91-3

An exceptional arithmetic group and its Eisenstein series

Pages 512-549 by Walter L. Baily, Jr. | From volume 91-3

A proof of the regularity everywhere of the classical solution to Plateau’s problem

Pages 550-569 by Robert Osserman | From volume 91-3

On boundaries of Teichmü spaces and on Kleinian groups. I.

Pages 570-600 by Lipman Bers | From volume 91-3

Remarks on a paper by Lipman Bers

Pages 601-606 by Charles Ivars Kalme | From volume 91-3

On boundaries of Teichmüller spaces and on kleinian groups. II.

Pages 607-639 by Bernard Maskit | From volume 91-3

Correction to “On fibre spaces and the evaluation map”

Pages 640-642 by Daniel H. Gottlieb | From volume 91-3