Volume 109

The algebraic structure of the representation of semisimple Lie groups I

Pages 1-60 by David A. Vogan, Jr. | From volume 109-1

The locally flat approximation of cell-like embedding relations

Pages 61-86 by Fredric D. Ancel, James W. Cannon | From volume 109-1

On complex structures with a fixed induced CR structure

Pages 87-119 by Garo K. Kiremidjian | From volume 109-1

Torsion in homotopy groups

Pages 121-168 by Frederick R. Cohen, John C. Moore, Joseph Alvin Neisendorfer | From volume 109-1

Automorphic forms on GL(3). I*

Pages 169-212 by Hervé Jacquet, Ilya Iosifovitch Piatetski-Shapiro, Joseph Shalika | From volume 109-1

Automorphic forms on GL(3). II

Pages 213-258 by Hervé Jacquet, Ilja Iosifovitch Piatetski-Shapiro, Joseph Shalika | From volume 109-2

Analytic torsion and the heat equation

Pages 259-321 by Jeff Cheeger | From volume 109-2

The length spectra as moduli for compact Riemann surfaces

Pages 323-351 by Scott Wolpert | From volume 109-2

A new method for the investigation of arithmetical properties of analytic functions

Pages 353-376 by Gregory Volfovich Chudnovsky | From volume 109-2

The Iwasawa $\mu_p$ vanishes for abelian number

Pages 377-395 by Bruce Ferrero, Lawrence C. Washington | From volume 109-2

Bernoulli schemes of the same entropy are finitarily isomorphic

Pages 397-406 by Michael Keane, Meir Smorodinsky | From volume 109-2

Correction to “On embedded minimal surfaces”

Pages 407-412 by Robert Gulliver | From volume 109-2

Correction to “Finite simple groups in which the generalized fitting group of the centralizer of some involution is extraspecial”

Pages 413-414 by Franz Timmesfeld | From volume 109-2

Hodge theory with degenerating coefficients: $L_2$ cohomoogy in the Poincaré metric

Pages 415-476 by Steven Zucker | From volume 109-3

Limit formulas for multiplicities in $L^2(\Gamma/G)$ II. The tempered spectrum

Pages 477-495 by David L. DeGeorge, Nolan R. Wallach | From volume 109-3

Insignificant limit singularities of surfaces and their mixed Hodge structure

Pages 497-536 by Jayant Shah | From volume 109-3

Stability of stationary points of group actions

Pages 537-544 by Morris W. Hirsch | From volume 109-3

Completeness of Poincaré series for automorphic cohomology

Pages 545-567 by Joseph A. Wolf | From volume 109-3

Gauss sums and the $p$-adic $\Gamma$-function

Pages 569-581 by Benedict H. Gross, Neal Koblitz | From volume 109-3

Interpolation of linear operators on Sobolev spaces

Pages 583-599 by Ronald DeVore, Karl Scherer | From volume 109-3

Approximation by compact operators and the space $H^\infty +C$

Pages 601-612 by Sheldon Axler, I. David Berg, NIcholas Jewell, Allen Shields | From volume 109-3

Carleson measure on the bi-disc

Pages 613-620 by Sun-Yung A. Chang | From volume 109-3

Errata to the paper “Complete Kähler manifolds with nonpositive curvature of faster than quadratic decay

Pages 621-623 by Yum-Tong Siu, Shing-Tung Yau | From volume 109-3