Volume 132

$L_2$-cohomology of arithmetic varieties

Pages 1-69 by Leslie Saper, Mark Stern | From volume 132-1

Distortion of S-unimodal maps

Pages 71-130 by John Guckenheimer, Stewart Johnson | From volume 132-1

Higher regulators and Hecke $L$-series of imaginary quadratic fields II

Pages 131-158 by Christopher Deninger | From volume 132-1

Tensor powers of the Carlitz module and zeta values

Pages 159-191 by Greg W. Anderson, Dinesh S. Thakur | From volume 132-1

Semisimplicity of the group of biholomorphisms of the universal covering of a compact complex manifold with ample canonical bundle

Pages 193-211 by Alan Michael Nadel | From volume 132-2

Infinitesimal variation of Hodge structures and the weak global Torelli theorem for complete intersections

Pages 213-235 by Tomohide Terasoma | From volume 132-2

Invariant differential operators on hermitian symmetric spaces

Pages 237-272 by Goro Shimura | From volume 132-2

A proof of Langland’s conjecture on Plancherel measures; Complementary series of $p$-adic groups

Pages 273-330 by Freydoon Shahidi | From volume 132-2

Chow rings of moduli spaces of curves I: The Chow ring of $\overline{\mathscr{M}}_3$

Pages 331-419 by Carl Faber | From volume 132-2

Chow rings of moduli spaces of curves II: Some results on the Chow ring of $\overline{\mathscr{M}}_4$

Pages 421-449 by Carl Faber | From volume 132-2

Parabolic equations for curves on surfaces Part I. Curves with $p$-integrable curvature

Pages 451-483 by Sigurd Angenent | From volume 132-3

Regularity and asymptotic behavior of the wave equation with a critical nonlinearity

Pages 485-509 by Manoussos G. Grillakis | From volume 132-3

Harmonic measure and arclength

Pages 511-547 by Christopher J. Bishop, Peter W. Jones | From volume 132-3

Multiplier ideal sheaves and Kähler-Einstein metrics of positive scalar curvature

Pages 549-596 by Alan Michael Nadel | From volume 132-3

${\bf L}_p$ Fourier multipliers on Riemannian symmetric spaces of the noncompact type

Pages 597-628 by Jean-Philippe Anker | From volume 132-3