Volume 199

A reverse Minkowski theorem

Pages 1-49 by Oded Regev, Noah Stephens-Davidowitz | From volume 199-1

Purity for flat cohomology

Pages 51-180 by Kęstutis Česnavičius, Peter Scholze | From volume 199-1

Proof of the simplicity conjecture

Pages 181-257 by Daniel Cristofaro-Gardiner, Vincent Humilière, Sobhan Seyfaddini | From volume 199-1

Log-concave polynomials II: High-dimensional walks and an FPRAS for counting bases of a matroid

Pages 259-299 by Nima Anari, Kuikui Liu, Shayan Oveis Gharan, Cynthia Vinzant | From volume 199-1

Nonabelian level structures, Nielsen equivalence, and Markoff triples

Pages 301-443 by William Y. Chen | From volume 199-1

Motivic invariants of birational maps

Pages 445-478 by Hsueh-Yung Lin, Evgeny Shinder | From volume 199-1

Corrigendum: Marginal triviality of the scaling limits of critical 4D Ising and $\phi _4^4$ models

Pages 479-479 by Michael Aizenman, Hugo Duminil-Copin | From volume 199-1

Erratum to “Special subvarieties of non-arithmetic ball quotients and Hodge theory”

Pages 481-481 by Gregorio Baldi, Emmanuel Ullmo | From volume 199-1

On the generic part of the cohomology of non-compact unitary Shimura varieties

Pages 483-590 by Ana Caraiani, Peter Scholze | From volume 199-2

Prime number theorem for analytic skew products

Pages 591-705 by Adam Kanigowski, Mariusz Lemańczyk, Maksym Radziwiłł | From volume 199-2

Generalized soap bubbles and the topology of manifolds with positive scalar curvature

Pages 707-740 by Otis Chodosh, Chao Li | From volume 199-2

Pointwise convergence of the non-linear Fourier transform

Pages 741-793 by A. Poltoratski | From volume 199-2

Wilkie’s conjecture for Pfaffian structures

Pages 795-821 by Gal Binyamini, Dmitry Novikov, Benny Zak | From volume 199-2

Canonical representations of surface groups

Pages 823-897 by Aaron Landesman, Daniel Litt | From volume 199-2

Oka properties of complements of holomorphically convex sets

Pages 899-917 by Yuta Kusakabe | From volume 199-2

The asymptotics of $r(4,t)$

Pages 919-941 by Sam Mattheus, Jacques Verstraete | From volume 199-2

Microlocal Morse theory of wrapped Fukaya categories

Pages 943-1042 by Sheel Ganatra, John Pardon, Vivek Shende | From volume 199-3

Eldan’s stochastic localization and the KLS conjecture: Isoperimetry, concentration and mixing

Pages 1043-1092 by Yin Tat Lee, Santosh S. Vempala | From volume 199-3

Nonlinear inviscid damping for a class of monotone shear flows in a finite channel

Pages 1093-1175 by Nader Masmoudi, Weiren Zhao | From volume 199-3

Torsion-free abelian groups are Borel complete

Pages 1177-1224 by Gianluca Paolini, Saharon Shelah | From volume 199-3

Exponential mixing implies Bernoulli

Pages 1225-1292 by Dmitry Dolgopyat, Adam Kanigowski, Federico Rodriguez Hertz | From volume 199-3

On a conjecture of Talagrand on selector processes and a consequence on positive empirical processes

Pages 1293-1321 by Jinyoung Park, Huy Tuan Pham | From volume 199-3

Polynomial point counts and odd cohomology vanishing on moduli spaces of stable curves

Pages 1323-1365 by Jonas Bergström, Carel Faber, Sam Payne | From volume 199-3