Volume 123

Examples and counterexamples to a conjecture in the theory of differentiation of integrals

Pages 1-9 by Fernando Soria | From volume 123-1

Higher direct images of dualizing sheaves. I

Pages 11-42 by János Kollár | From volume 123-1

Profinite braid groups, Galois representations and complex multiplications

Pages 43-106 by Yasutaka Ihara | From volume 123-1

Analytic functions sharing level curves and tracts

Pages 107-144 by Kenneth Stephenson | From volume 123-1

On the local Langlands conejcture $\mathrm{GL}(n)$: the cyclic case

Pages 145-203 by Guy Henniart | From volume 123-1

The temperature state space of a $C^\ast$-dynamical system. II

Pages 205-263 by Ola Bratteli, George A. Elliott, Akitaka Kishimoto | From volume 123-2

Integral representations and estimates in the theory of $\overline\partial$-Neumann problem

Pages 265-301 by Ingo Lieb, R. Michael Range | From volume 123-2

Smooth maps, null-sets for integralgeometric measure and analytic capacity

Pages 303-309 by Pertti Mattila | From volume 123-2

On the distribution of reduced residues

Pages 311-333 by Hugh L. Montgomery, Robert C. Vaughan | From volume 123-2

Sup-norm estimates for $\overline\partial$ in $\mathbf{C}^2$

Pages 335-345 by John Erik Fornæss | From volume 123-2

On a class of nearly holomorphic automorphic forms

Pages 347-406 by Goro Shimura | From volume 123-2

On $p$-adic representations for totally real fields

Pages 407-456 by Andrew Wiles | From volume 123-3

Degeneration of Hodge structures

Pages 457-535 by Eduardo Cattani, Aroldo Kaplan, Wilfried Schmid | From volume 123-3

Canonical perturbation theory of Anosov systems and regularity results for the Livsic cohomology equation

Pages 537-611 by Rafael de la Llave, José Manuel Marco, Roberto Moriyón | From volume 123-3

Typesetter’s correction to “On a class of nearly holomorphic automorphic forms”

Pages 613-613 by Goro Shimura | From volume 123-3