Volume 178

The Witten equation, mirror symmetry, and quantum singularity theory

Pages 1-106 by Huijun Fan, Tyler Jarvis, Yongbin Ruan | From volume 178-1

Traveling waves for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with nonzero conditions at infinity

Pages 107-182 by Mihai Maris | From volume 178-1

A bounded linear extension operator for $L^{2,p}(\mathbb{R}^2)$

Pages 183-230 by Arie Israel | From volume 178-1

A class of superrigid group von Neumann algebras

Pages 231-286 by Adrian Ioana, Sorin Popa, Stefaan Vaes | From volume 178-1

Disparity in Selmer ranks of quadratic twists of elliptic curves

Pages 287-320 by Zev Klagsbrun, Barry Mazur, Karl Rubin | From volume 178-1

Quasi-isolated blocks and Brauer’s height zero conjecture

Pages 321-384 by Radha Kessar, Gunter Malle | From volume 178-1

Small eigenvalues of the Laplacian for algebraic measures in moduli space, and mixing properties of the Teichmüller flow

Pages 385-442 by Artur Avila, Sébastien Gouëzel | From volume 178-2

Optimal asymptotic bounds for spherical designs

Pages 443-452 by Andriy Bondarenko, Danylo Radchenko, Maryna Viazovska | From volume 178-2

On irreducible representations of compact $p$-adic analytic groups

Pages 453-557 by Konstantin Ardakov, Simon Wadsley | From volume 178-2

Solving the KPZ equation

Pages 559-664 by Martin Hairer | From volume 178-2

The survival probability and $r$-point functions in high dimensions

Pages 665-685 by Remco van der Hofstad, Mark Holmes | From volume 178-2

Anosov flows and dynamical zeta functions

Pages 687-773 by Paolo Giulietti, Carlangelo Liverani, Mark Pollicott | From volume 178-2

Cantor systems, piecewise translations and simple amenable groups

Pages 775-787 by Kate Juschenko, Nicolas Monod | From volume 178-2

Stratifications of Newton polygon strata and Traverso’s conjectures for $p$-divisible groups

Pages 789-834 by Eike Lau, Marc-Hubert Nicole, Adrian Vasiu | From volume 178-3

Representations of semisimple Lie algebras in prime characteristic and the noncommutative Springer resolution (with an Appendix by Eric Sommers)

Pages 835-919 by Roman Bezrukavnikov, Ivan Mirković, Eric Sommers | From volume 178-3

Counting local systems with principal unipotent local monodromy

Pages 921-982 by Pierre Deligne, Yuval Z. Flicker | From volume 178-3

A problem on completeness of exponentials

Pages 983-1016 by Alexei Poltoratski | From volume 178-3

Stationary measures and invariant subsets of homogeneous spaces (III)

Pages 1017-1059 by Yves Benoist, Jean-François Quint | From volume 178-3

Finite time singularities for the free boundary incompressible Euler equations

Pages 1061-1134 by Angel Castro, Diego Córdoba, Charles Fefferman, Francisco Gancedo, Javier Gómez-Serrano | From volume 178-3

Characters of relative $p’$-degree over normal subgroups

Pages 1135-1171 by Gabriel Navarro, Pham Huu Tiep | From volume 178-3

Topologies and structures of the Cremona groups

Pages 1173-1198 by Jérémy Blanc, Jean-Philippe Furter | From volume 178-3