Volume 197

There is no Enriques surface over the integers

Pages 1-63 by Stefan Schröer | From volume 197-1

Smooth mixing Anosov flows in dimension three are exponentially mixing

Pages 65-158 by Masato Tsujii, Zhiyuan Zhang | From volume 197-1

Special subvarieties of non-arithmetic ball quotients and Hodge theory

Pages 159-220 by Gregorio Baldi, Emmanuel Ullmo | From volume 197-1

Dimension formulae and generalised deep holes of the Leech lattice vertex operator algebra

Pages 221-288 by Sven Möller, Nils R. Scheithauer | From volume 197-1

On the Brumer–Stark conjecture

Pages 289-388 by Samit Dasgupta, Mahesh Kakde | From volume 197-1

Infinite volume and infinite injectivity radius

Pages 389-421 by Mikolaj Fraczyk, Tsachik Gelander | From volume 197-1

Comptage des systèmes locaux $\ell$-adiques sur une courbe

Pages 423-531 by Hongjie Yu | From volume 197-2

Feral curves and minimal sets

Pages 533-738 by Joel W. Fish, Helmut Hofer | From volume 197-2

Higher uniformity of bounded multiplicative functions in short intervals on average

Pages 739-857 by Kaisa Matomäki, Maksym Radziwiłł, Terence Tao, Joni Teräväinen, Tamar Ziegler | From volume 197-2

Existence of infinitely many minimal hypersurfaces in closed manifolds

Pages 859-895 by Antoine Song | From volume 197-3

Potential automorphy over CM fields

Pages 897-1113 by Patrick B. Allen, Frank Calegari, Ana Caraiani, Toby Gee, David Helm, Bao V. Le Hung, James Newton, Peter Scholze, Richard Taylor, Jack A. Thorne | From volume 197-3

The Hasse principle for random Fano hypersurfaces

Pages 1115-1203 by Tim Browning, Pierre Le Boudec, Will Sawin | From volume 197-3

Stable minimal hypersurfaces in $\mathbb {R}^{N+1+\ell }$ with singular set an arbitrary closed $K\subset \{0\}\times \mathbb {R}^{\ell }$

Pages 1205-1234 by Leon Simon | From volume 197-3

On Frobenius exact symmetric tensor categories (with Appendix A by Alexander Kleshchev)

Pages 1235-1279 by Kevin Coulembier, Pavel Etingof, Victor Ostrik | From volume 197-3