Volume 128, Issue 3 – November 1988

On real algebraic morphisms into even-dimensional spheres

Pages 415- by Jacek Bochnak, Wojciech Kucharz

The image of a derivation is contained in the radical

Pages 435-460 by Marc P. Thomas

Der Dieudonnémodul einer polarisierten abelschen Mannigfaltigkeit vom CM-Typ

Pages 461-482 by Harry Reimann, Thomas Zink

Singularities of energy minimizing maps from the ball to the sphere: Examples, counterexamples, and bounds

Pages 483-530 by Frederick J. Almgren, Jr., Elliott H. Lieb

Reconstructions from boundary measurements

Pages 531-576 by Adrian I. Nachman

Covering minima and lattice-point-free convex bodies

Pages 577-602 by Ravi Kannan, Lásló Lovász

Classe $L$ Log $L$ et densité le l’intégrale d’aire dans $\mathbf{R}_{+}^{n+1}$

Pages 603-618 by Jean Brossard, Lucien Chevalier

Szegö kernels on pseudoconvex domains with one degenerate eigenvalue

Pages 619-640 by Matei Machedon