Volume 127, Issue 1 – January 1988

Martin’s Maximum, saturated ideals, and nonregular ultrafilters. Part I.

Pages 1-47 by Matthew Dean Foreman, Menachem Magidor, Saharon Shelah

The transverse dynamics of a holomorphic flow

Pages 49-92 by Xavier Gómez-Mont

Crepant blowing-up of 3-dimensional canonical singularities and its application to degenerations of surfaces

Pages 93-163 by Yujiro Kawamata

Long time estimates for the heat kernel associated with a uniformly subelliptic symmetric second order operator

Pages 165-189 by Shigeo Kusuoka, Daniel Stroock

Smith theory revisited

Pages 191-198 by William G. Dwyer, Clarence C. Wilkerson

Minimal two-spheres and the topology of manifolds with positive curvature on totally isotropic two-planes

Pages 199-227 by Mario J. Micallef, John Douglas Moore