Volume 83

Cobordism of combinatorial manifolds

Pages 1-33 by Robert E. Williamson, Jr. | From volume 83-1

On the meromorphic function field of a Stein variety

Pages 34-46 by Hej Iss'sa | From volume 83-1

Cobordism classes of squares of orientable manifolds

Pages 47-53 by Peter G. Anderson | From volume 83-1

SU-cobordism, KO-characteristic numbers, and the Kervaire invariant

Pages 54-67 by Donald W. Anderson, Edgar H. Brown, Jr., Franklin P. Peterson | From volume 83-1

On the fundamental group of a compact minimal submanifold

Pages 68-73 by Theodore Frankel | From volume 83-1

Two theorems on semi-simple Lie groups

Pages 74-128 by Harish-Chandra | From volume 83-1

Pseudo-differential operators and non-elliptic boundary problems

Pages 129-209 by Lars Hörmander | From volume 83-1

On tangential equivalence of manifolds

Pages 211-217 by Morris W. Hirsch | From volume 83-2

Open and closed disk bundles

Pages 218-230 by William Browder | From volume 83-2

The co-simple isols

Pages 231-256 by Louise Hay | From volume 83-2

On regular homotopy in codimension 1

Pages 257-265 by Valentin Poénaru | From volume 83-2

A note on free differentiable actions of $S^1$ and $S^3$ on homotopy spheres

Pages 266-272 by Wu-chung Hsiang | From volume 83-2

Derivations of $W^\ast$-algebras

Pages 273-279 by Shôichirô Sakai | From volume 83-2

Derivations of operator algebras

Pages 280-293 by Richard V. Kadison | From volume 83-2

Moduli and fibre systems of abelian varieties

Pages 294-338 by Goro Shimura | From volume 83-2

Deformation of transitive Lie algebras

Pages 339-357 by Dock Sang Rim | From volume 83-2

The construction of homogeneous convex cones

Pages 358-376 by Oscar S. Rothaus | From volume 83-2

On the field of definition for a field of automorphic functions. III

Pages 377-385 by Goro Shimura | From volume 83-2

The method of infinite repetition in pure topology. II. Stable applications

Pages 387-401 by Barry Mazur | From volume 83-3

Differentiable embeddings of $S^n$ in $S^{n+q}$ for $q> 2$

Pages 402-436 by André Haefliger | From volume 83-3

Diophantine problems over local fields. III. Decidable fields

Pages 437-456 by James Ax, Simon Kochen | From volume 83-3

On the zeta function of a hypersurface. III

Pages 457-519 by Bernard M. Dwork | From volume 83-3

Word problems and recursively enumerable degrees of unsolvability. A first paper on Thue systems

Pages 520-572 by William W. Boone | From volume 83-3

The cohomological dimension of certain Grothendieck topologies

Pages 572-595 by Stephen S. Shatz | From volume 83-3