Volume 145, Issue 2 – March 1997

Analytic homomorphisms intro Drinfeld modules

Pages 215-233 by Jing Yu

Quantum limits on flat tori

Pages 235-266 by Dmitry Jakobson

The most continuous part of the Plancherel decomposition for a reductive symmetric space

Pages 267-364 by Erik P. van den Ban, Henrik Schlichtkrull

Fatou-Bieberbach domains with $C^\infty$-smooth boundary

Pages 365-377 by Berit Stensönes

Heisenberg algebra and Hilbert schemes of points on projective surfaces

Pages 379-388 by Hiraku Nakajima

Infinitely many periodic attractors for holomorphic maps of $2$ variables

Pages 389-417 by Gregery T. Buzzard