Volume 97, Issue 1, January 1973

An algebraic classification of knots in $S^3$

Pages 1-13 by Jonathan Simon

Homotopically trivial periodic homeomorphisms on 3-manifolds

Pages 14-26 by Jeffrey L. Tollefson

Flat-transitive subgroups of Chevalley groups

Pages 27-56 by Gary M. Seitz

Sur les 2-sphères D’une variété de dimension 3

Pages 57-81 by François Laudenbach

$PL$ characteristic classes and cobordism

Pages 82-159 by Gregory Brumfiel, Ib Madsen, R. James Milgram

Lie algebras of Galois groups arising from Hodge-Tate modules

Pages 160-170 by Shankar Sen

Adèles et séries trigonométriques spéciales

Pages 171-186 by Yves Meyer

Erratum to “Foliations of odd-dimensional spheres”

Pages 187-187 by Alan H. Durfee