Volume 195, Issue 1 – January 2022

Lebesgue measure of Feigenbaum Julia sets

Pages 1-88 by Artur Avila, Mikhail Lyubich

The Gaussian Double-Bubble and Multi-Bubble Conjectures

Pages 89-206 by Emanuel Milman, Joe Neeman

Infinitely many Lagrangian fillings

Pages 207-249 by Roger Casals, Honghao Gao

Affine Beilinson-Bernstein localization at the critical level for $\mathrm {GL}_2$

Pages 251-335 by Sam Raskin

Erratum: Euclidean triangles have no hot spots

Pages 337-362 by Chris Judge, Sugata Mondal

Erratum: A corrected proof of the scale recurrence lemma from the paper “Stable intersections of regular Cantor sets with large Hausdorff dimensions”

Pages 363-374 by Carlos Gustavo T. de A. Moreira, Alex Mauricio Zamudio