Volume 115

A counterexample to a conjecture of Serre

Pages 1-33 by David J. Anick | From volume 115-1

Two torsion and the loop

Pages 35- by James P. Lin | From volume 115-1

The simplest Lie $p$-algebras of rank two

Pages 93-168 by Richard E. Block, Robert Lee Wilson | From volume 115-1

Interval exchange transformations and measured foliations

Pages 169-200 by Howard Masur | From volume 115-1

Gauss measures for transformations on the space of interval exchange maps

by William A. Veech | From volume 115-2

Characteristic exponents and invariant manifolds in Hilbert space

Pages 243-290 by David Ruelle | From volume 115-2

The $L^2$-index theorem for homogeneous spaces of Lie groups

Pages 291-330 by Alain Connes, Henri Moscovici | From volume 115-2

Quasiconformal extension from dimension $n$ to $n+1$

Pages 331-348 by Pekka Tukia, Jussi Väisälä | From volume 115-2

Curvatures of Monge-Ampère foliations and parabolic manifolds

Pages 349-373 by Dan Burns | From volume 115-2

Holomorphic semi-groups and the geometry of Banach spaces

Pages 375-392 by Gilles Pisier | From volume 115-2

$T$, $T^{-1}$ transformation is not loosely Bernoulli

Pages 393-409 by Steven Arthur Kalikow | From volume 115-2

On two-variable $p$-adic $L$-functions

Pages 411-449 by Rodney I. Yager | From volume 115-2

Strongly pseudoconvex CR structures over small balls. Part I. An a priori estimate

Pages 451-500 by Masatake Kuranishi | From volume 115-3

The Fenchel-Nielsen deformation

Pages 501-528 by Scott Wolpert | From volume 115-3

Sur certains types de rprésentations $p$-adiques du groupe de Galois d’une corps local; construction d’un anneau de Barsotti-Tate

Pages 529-577 by Jean-Marc Fotaine | From volume 115-3

Invariant varieties through singularities of holomorphic vector fields

Pages 579-595 by César Camacho, Paulo Sad | From volume 115-3

Rigidity of horocycle flows

Pages 597-614 by Marina Ratner | From volume 115-3

Real hypersurfaces, orders of contact, and applications

Pages 615-637 by John P. D'Angelo | From volume 115-3

A Poisson-Plancherel formula for semi-simple Lie groups

Pages 639-666 by Michèle Vergne | From volume 115-3

Erratum to the Paper: “The Gauss map of a complete non-flat minimal surface cannot omit 7 points of the sphere”

Pages 667-667 by Frederico Xavier | From volume 115-3

Errata à “Variétés polaires locales et classes de Chern des variétés singulières” 114 (1981), 457–491

Pages 668-668 by Lê Dũng Tráng, Bernard Teissier | From volume 115-3