Volume 122, Issue 1 – July 1985

On iterations of $1 – ax^2$ on $(-1,1)$

Pages 1-25 by Michael Benedicks, Lennart Carleson

Frobenius splitting and cohomology vanishing for Schubert varieties

Pages 27-40 by Vikram Bhagvandas Mehta, Annamalai Ramanathan

Partial desingularizations of quotients of nonsingular varieties and their Betti numbers

Pages 41-85 by Frances Clare Kirwan

Diophantine equations, Hilbert series, and undecidable spaces

Pages 87-112 by David J. Anick

$K$-Theory of quadric hypersurfaces

Pages 113-153 by Richard G. Swan

Fourier-Stieltjes coefficients and asymptotic distribution modulo $1$

Pages 155-170 by Russell Lyons

Structure of manifolds of nonpositive curvature. I

Pages 171-203 by Werner Ballmann, Michael Brin, Patrick Eberlein