Volume 83, Issue 1, January 1966

Cobordism of combinatorial manifolds

Pages 1-33 by Robert E. Williamson, Jr.

On the meromorphic function field of a Stein variety

Pages 34-46 by Hej Iss'sa

Cobordism classes of squares of orientable manifolds

Pages 47-53 by Peter G. Anderson

SU-cobordism, KO-characteristic numbers, and the Kervaire invariant

Pages 54-67 by Donald W. Anderson, Edgar H. Brown, Jr., Franklin P. Peterson

On the fundamental group of a compact minimal submanifold

Pages 68-73 by Theodore Frankel

Two theorems on semi-simple Lie groups

Pages 74-128 by Harish-Chandra

Pseudo-differential operators and non-elliptic boundary problems

Pages 129-209 by Lars Hörmander