Volume 112, Issue 2 – May 1980

Le théorème fondamental de la $K$-théorie hermitienne

Pages 259-282 by Max Karoubi

On the number of periodic trajectories for a Hamiltonian flow on a convex energy surface

Pages 283-319 by Ivar Ekeland, Jean-Michel Lasry

A compact Kähler surface of negative curvature not covered by the ball

Pages 321-360 by George Daniel Mostow, Yum-Tong Siu

Modular units inside cyclotomic units

Pages 361-380 by Donald Kersey

The Langlands conjecture for $\mathrm{Gl}_2$ of a local field

Pages 381-412 by Philip Kutzko

Moduli of abelian varieties

Pages 413-439 by Peter Norman, Frans Oort