Volume 183, Issue 1- January 2016

Hasse principles for higher-dimensional fields

Pages 1-71 by Uwe Jannsen

Defining ${\mathbb Z}$ in ${\mathbb Q}$

Pages 73-93 by Jochen Koenigsmann

Kähler–Einstein metrics with edge singularities

Pages 95-176 by Thalia Jeffres, Rafe Mazzeo, Yanir A. Rubinstein

Functoriality, Smith theory, and the Brauer homomorphism

Pages 177-228 by David Treumann, Akshay Venkatesh

On the fibration method for zero-cycles and rational points

Pages 229-295 by Yonatan Harpaz, Olivier Wittenberg

Indecomposable vector bundles and stable Higgs bundles over smooth projective curves

Pages 297-362 by Olivier Schiffmann

Complex varieties with infinite Chow groups modulo 2

Pages 363-375 by Burt Totaro