Volume 111, Issue 1 – January 1980

Finite $H$-spaces and algebras over the Steenrod algebra

Pages Clarence W. Wilkerson-143 by John Frank Adams

Classification of simplicial triangulations of topological manifolds

Pages 1-34 by David E. Galewski, Ronald J. Stern

One dimensional minimal sets and the Seifert conjecture

Pages 35-66 by Michael Handel

Disjoint triangular sets

Pages 67-94 by Ernest Shult

Bernstein’s inequality in $L^p$ for $0 < p < 1$ and $(C,1)$ bounds for orthogonal polynomials

Pages 145-154 by Attila Máté, Paul G. Nevai

Polycyclic groups with isomorphic finite quotients

Pages 155-195 by Fritz J. Grunewald, P. F. Pickel, Dan Segal