Volume 136, Issue 2, September 1992

Antimonotonicity: Concurrent creation and annihilation of periodic orbits

Pages 219-252 by Ittai Kan, Huüseyin Koçak, James A. Yorke

The fundamental groups of almost nonnegatively curved manifolds

Pages 253-333 by Kenji Fukaya, Takao Yamaguchi

An elementary proof of local solvability in two dimenions under condition ($\Psi)$

Pages 335-337 by Hart F. Smith

Lower bounds on the Bergman metric near a point of finite type

Pages 339-360 by Jeffery D. McNeal

A theory of algebraic cocyles

Pages 361-428 by Eric M. Friedlander, H. Blaine Lawson, Jr.

Foliations with algebraic limit sets

Pages 429-446 by César Camacho, Alcides Lins Neto, Paulo Sad