Volume 107, Issue – May 1978

Pseudoconvex domains with real-analytic boundary

Pages 371-384 by Klaus Diederich, John E. Fornæss

Topological type of isolated critical points

Pages 385-397 by Henry C. King

Maximal functions associated to rectangles with uniformly distributed directions

Pages 399-402 by Jan-Olov Strömberg

Codimension one foliations of closed manifolds

Pages 403-453 by Paul R. Dippolito

A $C^\ast$-algebra ${\mathcal{A}}$ for which $\mathrm{Ext}({\mathcal{A}})$ is not a group

Pages 455-458 by Joel Anderson

Endo-permutation modules over $p$-groups. I

Pages 459-494 by Everett C. Dade

Continuous cohomology and unitary representations of real reductive groups

Pages 495-516 by Gregg J. Zuckerman

On Smale’s axiom A dynamical systems

Pages 517-553 by Alan Dankner

A construction of peak functions on weakly pseudoconvex domains

Pages 555-568 by Eric Bedford, John Erik Fornæss

The arithmetic of automorphic forms with respect to a unitary group

Pages 569-605 by Goro Shimura