Volume 95, Issue 1, January 1972

Finite groups whose Sylow 2-subgroups are the direct product of two dihedral groups

Pages 1-54 by Daniel Gorenstein, Koichiro Harada

On $p$-divisible groups over complete valuation rings

Pages 55-65 by William C. Waterhouse

Periodic flows on three-manifolds

Pages 66-82 by David B. A. Epstein

Pointwise periodic homeomorphisms of continua

Pages 83-85 by Norris Weaver

Fundamental groups of 3-manifolds which are extensions

Pages 86-93 by John Hempel, William Jaco

On $K_2$ and some classical conjectures in algebraic number theory

Pages 99-116 by John Coates

An application of von Neumann algebras to finite difference equations

Pages 117-129 by David G. Schaeffer

Class fields over real quadratic fields and Hecke operators

Pages 130-190 by Goro Shimura