Volume 157 Issue 3 – May 2003

Convex integration for Lipschitz mappings and counterexamples to regularity

Pages 715-742 by Stefan Müller, Vladimir Šverák

The local converse theorem for ${\rm SO}(2n+1)$ and applications

Pages 743-806 by Dihua Jiang, David Soudry

Constrained deepest descent in the $2$-Wasserstein metric

Pages 807-846 by Eric Carlen, Wilfrid Gangbo

Rogers-Ramanujan and the Baker-Gammel-Wills (Padé) conjecture

Pages 847-889 by Doron S. Lubinsky

On the nonnegativity of $L(\frac{1}{2},\pi)$ for ${\rm SO}_{2n+1}$

Pages 891-917 by Erez Lapid, Stephen Rallis

Large Riemannian manifolds which are flexible

Pages 919-938 by Alexander N. Dranishnikov, Steven C. Ferry, Shmuel Weinberger

The Erdős–Szeméredi problem on sum set and product set

Pages 939-957 by Mei-Chu Chang