Volume 141, Issue 2 – March 1995

The isomorphism problem for hyperbolic groups I

Pages 217-283 by Zlil Sela

Locally symmetric and rigid factors for complex manifolds via harmonic maps

Pages 285-300 by Sidney Frankel

$L^\infty$ norms of eigenfunctions of arithmetic surfaces

Pages 301-320 by Henryk Iwaniec, Peter Sarnak

On topologically realizing modules over the Steenrod algebra

Pages 321-347 by Nicholas Kuhn

The geometry of symplectic energy

Pages 349-371 by François Lalonde, Dusa McDuff

All regulators of flat bundles are torsion

Pages 373-386 by Alexander Reznikov

Topologie des feuilles génériques

Pages 387-422 by Étienne Ghys

Equidistribution of roots of a quadratic congruence to prime moduli

Pages 423-441 by William Duke, John B. Friedlander, Henryk Iwaniec