Volume 153

Finite volume flows and Morse theory

Pages 1-25 by F. Reese Harvey, H. Blaine Lawson Jr. | From volume 153-1

Heights of Heegner points on Shimura curves

Pages 27-147 by Shouwu Zhang | From volume 153-1

Hermitian, symmetric and symplectic random ensembles: PDEs for the distribution of the spectrum

Pages 149-189 by Mark Adler, Pierre van Moerbeke | From volume 153-1

Period functions for Maass wave forms. I

Pages 191-258 by John Lewis, Don Zagier | From volume 153-1

Discrete orthogonal polynomial ensembles and the Plancherel measure

Pages 259-296 by Kurt Johansson | From volume 153-1

On Brown-Peterson cohomology of QX

Pages 297-328 by Takuji Kashiwabara | From volume 153-2

Unit $L$-functions and a conjecture of Katz

Pages 329-354 by Matthew Emerton, Mark Kisin | From volume 153-2

Moderate deviations for the volume of the Wiener sausage

Pages 355-406 by Michiel van den Berg, Erwin Bolthausen, Frank den Hollander | From volume 153-2

The spectrum of multiplicative functions

Pages 407-470 by Andrew Granville, Kannan Soundararajan | From volume 153-2

Critical metrics for the determinant of the Laplacian in odd dimensions

Pages 471-531 by Kate Okikiolu | From volume 153-2

Ideal triangle groups, dented tori, and numerical analysis

Pages 533-598 by Richard Evan Schwartz | From volume 153-3

The Bianchi groups are separable on geometrically finite subgroups

Pages 599-621 by Ian Agol, Darren D. Long, Alan W. Reid | From volume 153-3

The geometry of finite topology Bryant surfaces

Pages 623-659 by Pascal Collin, Laurent Hauswirth, Harold Rosenberg | From volume 153-3

A sharp bilinear cone restriction estimate

Pages 661-698 by Thomas Wolff | From volume 153-3

Whittaker patterns in the geometry of moduli spaces of bundles on curves

Pages 699-748 by Edward Frenkel, Dennis Gaitsgory, Kari Vilonen | From volume 153-3

On the nonexistence of tight contact structures

Pages 749-766 by John B. Etnyre, Ko Honda | From volume 153-3

Decomposable form inequalities

Pages 767-804 by Jeffrey Lin Thunder | From volume 153-3