Volume 182, Issue 3 – November 2015

Hidden symmetries and decay for the wave equation on the Kerr spacetime

Pages 787-853 by Lars Andersson, Pieter Blue

Kontsevich’s graph complex, GRT, and the deformation complex of the sheaf of polyvector fields

Pages 855-943 by V. A. Dolgushev, C. L. Rogers, T. H. Willwacher

On torsion in the cohomology of locally symmetric varieties

Pages 945-1066 by Peter Scholze

A complete complex hypersurface in the ball of $\mathbb{C}^N$

Pages 1067-1091 by Josip Globevnik

Regularity of Einstein manifolds and the codimension $4$ conjecture

Pages 1093-1165 by Jeff Cheeger, Aaron Naber