Volume 139, Issue 3 – May 1994

Invariant theory for conformal and CR geometry

Pages 491-552 by Toby N. Bailey, Michael G. Eastwood, C. Robin Graham

Euclidean structures on simplicial surfaces and hyperbolic volume

Pages 553-580 by Igor Rivin

Self-dual instantons and holomorphic curves

Pages 581-640 by Stamatis Dostoglou, Dietmar A. Salamon

Cohomological and cycle-theoretic connectivity

Pages 641-660 by Kapil H. Paranjape

The pinwheel tilings of the plane

Pages 661-702 by Charles Radin

There are infinitely many Carmichael numbers

Pages 703-722 by William Robert Alford, Andrew Granville, Carl Pomerance

Stabilizers for ergodic actions of higher rank semisimple groups

Pages 723-747 by Garrett Stuck, Robert J. Zimmer

Addendum: Conformal deformation of a Riemannian metric to a scalar flat metric with constant mean curvature

Pages 749-750 by José F. Escobar