Volume 149

Rigidity of infinite disk patterns

Pages 1-2 by Zheng-Xu He | From volume 149-1

Hard ball systems are completely hyperbolic

Pages 35-96 by Nándor Simányi, Domokos Szász | From volume 149-1

Blowup of small data solutions for a quasilinear wave equation in two space dimensions

Pages 97-127 by Serge Alinhac | From volume 149-1

Quantum cohomology of flag manifolds $G/B$ and quantum Toda lattices

Pages 129-148 by Bumsig Kim | From volume 149-1

Homogeneity of infinite dimensional isoparametric submanifolds

Pages 149-181 by Ernst Heintze, Xiaobo Liu | From volume 149-1

The instability of naked singularities in the gravitational collapse of a scalar field

Pages 183-217 by Demetrios Christodoulou | From volume 149-1

On finite homomorphic images of the multiplicative group of a division algebra

Pages 219-251 by Yoav Segev | From volume 149-1

Basepoint freeness for nef and big line bundles in positive characteristic

Pages 253-286 by Seán Keel | From volume 149-1

Continuous families of isospectral metrics on simply connected manifolds

Pages 287-308 by Dorothee Schueth | From volume 149-1

A counterexample to the “hot spots” conjecture

Pages 309-317 by Krzysztof Burdy, Wendelin Werner | From volume 149-1

Feigenbaum-Coullet-Tresser universality and Milnor’s Hairiness Conjecture

Pages 319-420 by Mikhail Lyubich | From volume 149-2

Quillen stratification for the Steenrod algebra

Pages 421-449 by John H. Palmieri | From volume 149-2

Some results on Green’s higher Abel-Jacobi map

Pages 451-473 by Claire Voisin | From volume 149-2

On Caldéron’s conjecture

Pages 475-496 by Michael Lacey, Christoph Thiele | From volume 149-2

Scharlemann’s manifold is standard

Pages 497-510 by Selman Akbulut | From volume 149-2

Local inequalities for plursubharmonic functions

Pages 511-533 by Alexander Brudnyi | From volume 149-2

A positive solution to the Busemann-Petty problem in $\mathbb{R}^4$

Pages 535-543 by Gaoyong Zhang | From volume 149-2

The Williams Conjecture is false for irreducible subshifts

Pages 545-543 by Ki Hang Kim, Fred William Roush | From volume 149-2

The classification of punctured-torus groups

Pages 559-626 by Yair N. Minsky | From volume 149-2

Group cohomology and the singularities of the Selberg zeta function associated to a Kleinian group

Pages 627-689 by Ulrich Bunke, Martin Olbrich | From volume 149-2

An analytic solution to the Busemann-Petty problem on sections of convex bodies

Pages 691-703 by Richard J. Gardner, Alexander Koldobsky, Thomas Schlumprecht | From volume 149-2

Corrigendum: Infinite-modal maps with global chaotic behavior

Pages 705-705 by Maria José Pacifico, Álvaro Rovella, Marcelo Viana | From volume 149-2

Surgery and duality

Pages 707-754 by Matthias Kreck | From volume 149-3

Dimension and product structure of hyperbolic measures

Pages 755-783 by Luis Barreira, Yakov Pesin, Jörg Schmeling | From volume 149-3

Gradient estimates and blow-up analysis for stationary harmonic maps

Pages 785-829 by Fang-Hua Lin | From volume 149-3

Menger curvature and rectifiability

Pages 831-869 by Jean-Christophe Léger | From volume 149-3

Entropy of convolutions on the circle

Pages 871-904 by Elon Lindenstrauss, David Meiri, Yuval Peres | From volume 149-3

Companion forms and weight one forms

Pages 905-919 by Kevin Buzzard, Richard Taylor | From volume 149-3

The spectrum of coupled random matrices

Pages 921-976 by Mark Adler, Pierre van Moerbeke | From volume 149-3

Continuous rotation invariant valuations on convex sets

Pages 977-1005 by Semyon Alesker | From volume 149-3

Structures Riemanniennes $L^p$ et K-homologie

Pages 1007-1022 by Michel Hilsum | From volume 149-3

Stable laws and domains of attraction in free probability theory (with an Appendix by Philippe Biane)

Pages 1023-1060 by Hari Bercovici, Vittorino Pata, Philippe Biane | From volume 149-3

Mapping tori of free group automorphisms are coherent

Pages 1061-1077 by Mark Feighn, Michael Handel | From volume 149-3

Modularity of fibres in rigid local systems

Pages 1079-1086 by Henri Darmon | From volume 149-3

Solving moment problems by dimensional extension

Pages 1087-1107 by Mihai Putinar, Florian-Horia Vasilescu | From volume 149-3