Volume 199, Issue 3 – May 2024

Microlocal Morse theory of wrapped Fukaya categories

Pages 943-1042 by Sheel Ganatra, John Pardon, Vivek Shende

Eldan’s stochastic localization and the KLS conjecture: Isoperimetry, concentration and mixing

Pages 1043-1092 by Yin Tat Lee, Santosh S. Vempala

Nonlinear inviscid damping for a class of monotone shear flows in a finite channel

Pages 1093-1175 by Nader Masmoudi, Weiren Zhao

Torsion-free abelian groups are Borel complete

Pages 1177-1224 by Gianluca Paolini, Saharon Shelah

Exponential mixing implies Bernoulli

Pages 1225-1292 by Dmitry Dolgopyat, Adam Kanigowski, Federico Rodriguez Hertz

On a conjecture of Talagrand on selector processes and a consequence on positive empirical processes

Pages 1293-1321 by Jinyoung Park, Huy Tuan Pham

Polynomial point counts and odd cohomology vanishing on moduli spaces of stable curves

Pages 1323-1365 by Jonas Bergström, Carel Faber, Sam Payne