Volume 86, Issue 1, July 1967

Conjugacy classes in Lie algebras and algebraic groups

Pages 1-15 by Roger Wolcott Richardson, Jr.

Grothendieck groups and Picard groups of abelian group rings

Pages 16-73 by Hyman Bass, M. Pavaman Murthy

Bounded analytic functions and Gleason parts

Pages 74-111 by Kenneth Hoffman

On a problem of Philip Hall

Pages 112-116 by Louis Auslander

On a theorem of Bochner

Pages 117-137 by William A. Veech

Representations of uniformly hyperfinite algebras and their associated von Neumann rings

Pages 138-171 by Robert T. Powers

Transversality for polyhedra

Pages 172-191 by Mark Anthony Armstrong

Conjugate loci of constant order

Pages 192-212 by Frank W. Warner