Volume 93

On a conjecture of Langlands

Pages 1-42 by Wilfried Schmid | From volume 93-1

Minimal immersions of spheres into spheres

Pages 43-62 by Manfredo P. Do Carmo, Nolan R. Wallach | From volume 93-1

Deformations of spaces of imbeddings

Pages 63-88 by Robert D. Edwards, Robion C. Kirby | From volume 93-1

On Fraïsse’s order type conjecture

Pages 89-111 by Richard Laver | From volume 93-1

Positivity and the convolution structure for Jacobi series

Pages 112-118 by George Gasper | From volume 93-1

The index of elliptic operators. IV

Pages 119-138 by Michael F. Atiyah, Isadore M. Singer | From volume 93-1

The index of elliptic operators. V

Pages 139-149 by Michael F. Atiyah, Isadore M. Singer | From volume 93-1

On the Plancherel formula and the Paley-Wiener theorem for spherical functions on semisimple Lie groups

Pages 150-165 by Ramesh Gangolli | From volume 93-1

A Hartogs type extension theorem for coherent analytic sheaves

Pages 166-188 by Yum-Tong Siu | From volume 93-1

Analytic isometric embeddings

Pages 189-204 by Robert E. Greene, Howard Jacobowitz | From volume 93-1

Isolated singularities of algebraic surfaces with $\mathbf{C}^\ast$ action

Pages 205-228 by Peter Orlik, Philip Wagreich | From volume 93-2

Cobordism of regular $O(n)$-manifolds

Pages 229-251 by Connor Lazarov, Arthur Wasserman | From volume 93-2

On Schanuel’s conjectures

Pages 252-268 by James Ax | From volume 93-2

On the inverse problem in the Galois theory of differential fields. II.

Pages 269-284 by Jerald Kovacic | From volume 93-2

Interpolation and embedding in the recursively enumerable degrees

Pages 285-314 by Robert W. Robinson | From volume 93-2

Formal cohomology. III. Fixed point theorems

Pages 315-343 by Paul Monsky | From volume 93-2

Duality and subgroups

Pages 344-364 by Masamichi Takesaki, Nobuhiko Tatsuuma | From volume 93-2

Initial segments of the degrees of unsolvability

Pages 365-389 by Manuel Lerman | From volume 93-2

On seminorms and probabilities, and abstract Wiener spaces

Pages 390-408 by Richard Mansfield Dudley, Jacob Feldman, Lucien Le Cam | From volume 93-2

Arithmetic subgroups of groups with radical

Pages 409-438 by George D. Mostow | From volume 93-3

Holomorphic mapping into canonical algebraic varieties

Pages 439-458 by Phillip A. Griffiths | From volume 93-3

Orbits of linear algebraic groups

Pages 459-475 by David Birkes | From volume 93-3

On the incompressibility of certain maps

Pages 476-485 by Stephen Weingram | From volume 93-3

Addendum to: Finding a boundary for a 3-manifold

Pages 486-488 by Laurence S. Husch, Thomas M. Price | From volume 93-3

Interwining operators for semisimple groups

Pages 489-578 by Anthony W. Knapp, Elias M. Stein | From volume 93-3

On the fundamental group of compact manifolds of non-positive curvature

Pages 579-585 by Shing Tung Yau | From volume 93-3

Jump restricted interpolation in the recursively enumerable degrees

Pages 586-596 by Robert W. Robinson | From volume 93-3

Erratum to “Construction of non-linear local quantum processes. I.”

Pages 597-597 by Irving Segal | From volume 93-3