Volume 117, Issue – May 1983

The uniqueness case for finite groups. Part II

Pages 455-551 by Michael Aschbacher

A proof of the Smale Conjecture, $\mathrm{Diff}(S^2) \simeq O(4)$

Pages 553-607 by Allen E. Hatcher

New examples of constant mean curvature immersions of $(2k-1)$-spheres into Euclidean $2k$-space

Pages 609-625 by Wu-yi Hsiang, Zhen-huan Teng, Wen-ci Yu

Sous-groupes analytiques de groupes algébriques

Pages 627-657 by Michael Waldschmidt

Parabolic elements in Kleinian groups

Pages 659-668 by Bernard Maskit

An operator without invariant subspaces on a nuclear Fréchet space

Pages 669-694 by Aharon Atzman