Volume 138

The classification of the simple modular Lie algebras: IV. Determining the associated graded algebra

Pages 1-59 by Helmut Strade | From volume 138-1

Irreducible 4-manifolds need not be complex

Pages 61-111 by Robert E. Gompf, Tomasz S. Mrowka | From volume 138-1

The classification of alternating links

Pages 113-171 by William Menasco, Morwen Thistlethwaite | From volume 138-1

Harmonic tori in symmetric spaces and commuting Hamiltonian systems on loop algebras

Pages 173-212 by Francis E. Burstall, Dirk Ferus, Franz Pedit, Ulrich Pinkall | From volume 138-1

Sharp Sobolev inequalities on the sphere and the Moser–Trudinger inequality

Pages 213-242 by William Beckner | From volume 138-1

Asymptotics of the ground state energies of large Coulomb systems

Pages 243-335 by V. Ja Ivrii, Israel M. Sigal | From volume 138-2

Some families of local systems over smooth projective varieties

Pages 337-425 by Carlos Simpson | From volume 138-2

Asymptotic completeness of long-range $N$-body quantum systems

Pages 427-476 by Jan Dereziński | From volume 138-2

The structure of the irrational rotation $C^\ast$-algebra

Pages 477-501 by George A. Elliott, David E. Evans | From volume 138-3

Regularity results for nonlinear wave equations

Pages 503-518 by Jalal Shatah, Michael Struwe | From volume 138-3

Not all links are concordant to boundary links

Pages 519-554 by Tim D. Cochran, Kent E. Orr | From volume 138-3

A bivariant Chern–Connes character

Pages 555-590 by Victor Nistor | From volume 138-3

Quasi-isoperimetric inequality for polynomial hulls

Pages 591-599 by Herbert Alexander | From volume 138-3

Boundary-value problems on $\mathbb{S}^n$ for surfaces of constant Gauss curvature

Pages 601-624 by Bo Guan, Joel Spruck | From volume 138-3

Périodes des variétés abéliennes à multiplication complexe

Pages 625-683 by Pierre Colmez | From volume 138-3