Volume 106, Issue 2 – September 1977

On boundaries of complex analytic varieties. II

Pages 213-238 by F. Reese Harvey, H. Blaine Lawson

Characterization of Fuchsian group whose integrable forms are bounded

Pages 239-258 by Douglas Niebur, Mark Sheingorn

Random rearrangements of Fourier coefficients

Pages 259-268 by Daniel M. Oberlin

La transversalité topologique

Pages 269-293 by Alexis Marin

Tensor products of finite and infinite dimensional representations of semisimple Lie groups

Pages 295-308 by Gregg Zuckerman

Asymptotic behaviour of free boundaries at their singular points

Pages 309-317 by Luis A. Caffarelli, Néstor Marcelo Rivière

Local biholomorphic straightening of real submanifolds

Pages 319-352 by Michael Freeman

A characterization of Chevalley groups over fields of odd order. Part I

Pages 353-398 by Michael Aschbacher