Volume 105, Issue 2 – March 1977

The functors $K_{-i}$ and pseudo-isotopies of polyhedra

Pages 201-223 by Douglas R. Anderson, Wu-Chung Hsiang

Complete Kähler manifolds with nonpositive curvature of faster than quadratic decay

Pages 225-264 by Yum-Tong Siu, Shing-Tung Yau

Extensions of $C^\ast$-algebras and $K$-homology

Pages 265-324 by Lawrence Gerald Brown, Ronald George Douglas, Peter A. Fillmore

Concordance classes of regular $U_n$ and $\mathrm{SP}_n$ action on homotopy spheres

Pages 325-341 by Michael Davis, Wu-Chung Hsiang

Constructing structurally stable diffeomorphisms

Pages 343-359 by John M. Franks

Marches de Harris sur les groupes localement compacts. IV

Pages 361-396 by Antoine Brunel, Daniel Revuz