Volume 90, Issue 1, July 1969

On homotopic mappings of Riemann surfaces

Pages 1-8 by Albert Marden

Generalization of the big Picard theorem

Pages 9-22 by Myung H. Kwack

The existence of certain uniform ultrafilters

Pages 23-32 by Stylianos Negrepontis

On automorphisms of local fields

Pages 33-46 by Shankar Sen

Bordism and involutions

Pages 47-74 by Robert E. Stong

On complete open manifolds of positive curvature

Pages 75-90 by Detlef Gromoll, Wolfgang Meyer

On principal $S^3$-bundles over spheres

Pages 91-107 by Peter Hilton, Joseph Roitberg

Extending coherent analytic sheaves

Pages 108-143 by Yum-Tong Siu

Embedding certain complexes up to homotopy type in euclidean space

Pages 144-156 by George Cooke

The Kervaire invariant of framed manifolds and its generalization

Pages 157-186 by William Browder

Smooth structures on $S^p \times S^q$

Pages 187-198 by Reinhard E. Schultz