Volume 117, Issue 2 – March 1983

On the symplectic geometry of deformations of a hyperbolic surface

Pages 207-234 by Scott Wolpert

The Nielson realization problem

Pages 235-265 by Steven P. Kerckhoff

Harmonic analysis on semigroups

Pages 267-283 by Michael G. Cowling

$C$ is not algebraically equivalent to $C^- $ in its Jacobian

Pages 285-291 by Giuseppe Ceresa

Groups generated by reflections and aspherical manifolds not covered by Euclidean space

Pages 293-324 by Michael W. Davis

On the method of Thue-Siegel

Pages 325-382 by Gregory Volfovich Chudnovsky

The uniqueness case for finite groups

Pages 383-454 by Michael Aschbacher