Volume 125, Issue 2 – March 1987

Decomposition of Eisenstein series: Rankin triple products

Pages 209-235 by Paul B. Garrett

Dehn surgery on knots

Pages 237-300 by Marc Culler, Cameron McA. Gordon, John Luecke

Harmonic maps of the two-sphere into a complex Grassmannian manifold. II

Pages 301-335 by Shiing-Shen Chern, Jon G. Wolfson

Hyperbolicity and the creation of homoclinic orbits

Pages 337-374 by Jacob Palis, Floris Takens

The essential norm of a composition operator

Pages 375-404 by Joel H. Shapiro

The zeros of derivatives of entire functions and the Pólya-Wiman Conjecture

Pages 405-431 by Thomas Craven, George Csordas, Wayne Smith