Volume 98, Issue 3 – November 1973

Lagrangian submanifolds and Hamiltonian systems

Pages 377-410 by Alan Weinstein

Deformations of complex structures on certain non-compact complex manifolds

Pages 411-426 by Garo K. Kiremidjian

On stable currents and their application to global problems in real and complex geometry

Pages 427-450 by H. Blaine Lawson, Jr., James Simons

The surjectivity of invariant differential operators on symmetric spaces. I

Pages 451-479 by Sigurdur Helgason

Some theorems on actions of algebraic groups

Pages 480-497 by Andrzej S. Białynicki-Birula

On $l$-adic zeta functions

Pages 498-553 by John Coates, Stephen Lichtenbaum

Pointwise convergence of Fourier series

Pages 551- by Charles Fefferman